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With our friendly and efficient staff, we’ll ensure that you have a hassle-free pharmacy experience with services including express prescription processing and quick delivery.

Our devoted pharmacist and entire pharmacy staff are available to answer all of your pharmaceutical questions, and to assist you with all prior authorizations needed. Providing pharmaceutical expertise is our priority.

If you don’t have insurance coverage or your specific medication is not covered by your insurance plan, we’ll offer you the best prices on prescriptions.

We also maintain a close working relationship with all the local doctors, making it easy for them to call in, fax, or e-prescribe your prescriptions for pickup or free delivery to your door.

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Over the Counter

OTC medications can be used to treat many conditions and alleviate symptoms. Our pharmacy staff offers personalized service and can advise you about the most effective options to select from our comprehensive range of OTC products, how to avoid unwanted drug interactions and side effects, and which foods and vitamins are best—and worst—to combine with your medications. If you already know what you need, OTC products can be ordered for free home delivery.

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Numerous studies have concluded that taking the right vitamins, minerals, and other supplements can result in a wide range of beneficial effects, from boosting your energy to reducing your chances of suffering from chronic conditions and diseases.

Our vitamin department is stocked with a vast array of vitamins and supplements, including kosher vitamin brands. All of our products are arrayed on a state-of-the-art display system to make it easy for you to find what you’re looking for, browse, and discover new options.

Each individual may benefit from a different combination of vitamins, minerals, and other supplements, depending on sex, age, and other health factors. Our in-house vitamin specialist can answer your questions, discuss your health concerns, and help you choose the options that will benefit you most.

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According to a recent study, about 30% of hospital admissions are due to patients taking the wrong medications or not taking their prescribed medication at all.

If you take more than one medication regularly, you’ve probably had the experience of missing a dose, taking the wrong combination of pills, or forgetting which medication you took earlier in the day.

Keeping track of multiple medications or sorting them into pill organizers yourself can be a hassle, and making mistakes can result in serious medical problems.

Now you can rely on the safety and convenience of having a pharmacist organize your medication for you.

With our Carepax service, your medications are sorted into convenient packets that are easy to open and color-coded by time and date.

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Running to the store and waiting for a prescription to be filled is the last thing you feel like doing when you’re sick or caring for someone who is.

That’s why we have a large fleet of delivery vehicles to serve you with super-fast, free delivery.

When you request our free pick-up service, we’ll come directly to your door to pick up your prescription, and then deliver your medication to you as soon as it’s ready.

You can also request our delivery service for refills and over-the-counter medications.

Our super-fast delivery is available in the areas surrounding Monsey, Spring Valley, Airmont, and Chestnut Ridge.

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Customer Service

Your health and well-being are the focus of everything we do.

We take pride in giving our customers the personal attention that will help them feel better when they’re sick, manage chronic conditions, and enjoy the benefits of a healthy life.

Our highly trained staff members have years of experience and extensive medical knowledge, and are always happy to offer advice and information that will help you choose the best options and use medications and supplements safely and effectively.

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